Within the Circle of Ancient Ideas and Virtues. Studies in Honour of Professor Maria Dzielska

Kamilla Twardowska (ed.), Maciej Salamon (ed.), Sławomir Sprawski (ed.), Michał Stachura (ed.), Stanisław Turlej (ed.)

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Starożytność i archeologia



Rodzaj oprawy:
Twarda (proj. Zofia Łucka)

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This volume, which we dedicate to Professor Maria Dzielska, expresses not only our respect and admiration for the outstanding scholar, but also our appreciation of the conception of research on ancient cuolture that she elected years ago and has methodically developed. The conception was born at a time when, under the influence of ideological guidelines imposed on science, it was preferred that history shoul be viewed through the socio-economic lens and that less than original models of political history should be replicated. The fact that the Professor udertook studies of political and religious ideasm and evoked the significance of tradition and moral virtues, did not meet with general understanding at that time. Having chosen this path, she soght contacts with Polish scholars whose convictions were close to hers, and with the best research centers in Western Europe and America, where she found apprecation, moral support, and inspiration for research work. [...] We present this anniversary volume, created with help of a group of authors from various generations and academic circles, to Professor Maria Dzielska with our best wishes for continued sucess.

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